Safety Health & Environment Policy

Safety, Health & Environmental Management, a keystone of continuous improvement, is to be practiced in every activity throughout Bulk Handling Australia Group Pty Ltd.

We will not purchase, manufacture or transport products, use raw materials or dispose of wastes unless we can do in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

We at Bulk Handling Australia are committed to and believe that:

  • Ensuring Safety, Health & Environmental performance is a management and an individual’s responsibility, our primary goal is “no one hurt”.
  • Every activity must be performed with a shared concern for ourselves, our fellow employees, contractors, visitors, customers and the communities in which we operate and in accordance with any and all statutory requirements. Adherence to company policy and procedures is a condition of employment.
  • All safety and environmental incidents are preventable. We believe that SH&E management is not limited to our workplace but applies to every aspect of our lives.
  • Prevention depends on sound management systems supported by the attitude and equipment of all at BHA. (No Lip Service.)
  • Our products and equipment are designed and operated to prevent accidents, injuries, property loss and business interruption.
  • We continuously and actively reduce our environmental footprint.

Our commitment to Safety, Health and the Environment is a commitment to doing the right things every time. This eliminates Safety & Environmental incidents to the benefit of all.

Managing Director
Bulk Handling Australia Group Pty Ltd