Bulk Handling Australia’s intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and plastic bins offer industry revolutionary designs and capacities that maximise efficiency for handling, storage and logistics.

BHA’s IBCs are strong, have the capacity to be used for liquid or solid uses, and provide major cost and environmental savings. All IBCs and plastic bins meet stringent quality control measures to ensure their safe application in a range of industries, including food, beverage and chemical.

BHA offers industry single and multi-trip options for bulk handling and storage of liquids, across both dangerous and non-dangerous applications. We offer both rigid and collapsible intermediate bulk containers.

BHA Benefits

Our current range of intermediate bulk containers and plastic bins offers a wide variety of features for liquid and solid material handling. All of our bulk packaging solutions provide benefits that reduce costs by:

  • Saving storage space through their cube shape and capacity to be stacked up to 3 metres high
  • Being easy and quick to assemble
  • Having recyclable components and a low environmental footprint
  • Being suitable for strict environmental law control markets and products
  • Providing efficiencies in filling and discharge times
  • Lowering of handling costs due to their large volume capacity
  • Offering compression strength of 8 to 10 tons

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BHA’s range offers cost savings combined with quality, strength and an environmentally friendly alternative to bulk packaging for liquid and solid material handling.

In addition to intermediate bulk containers, we also offer plastic bins for produce handling. These plastic bins are designed to optimise handling, with rounded edges to minimise bruising and moisture-resistant, ventilated sides and bases.

At BHA, product innovation is constant and provides industry with ongoing improvements and efficiency. Contact us for more information.