Bulk Handling Australia has developed a range of Dairy Milk Powder Bulk bags suitable for all types of powders, from Lactose to Whole Milk Powder to the most stringent Compliance requirements. These designs meet the relevant Food Standards for the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Indonesia, China and Japan.

The designs have been developed to provide square filling FIBCs utilizing spinning head fill systems or standard gravity feed. The designs can incorporate valves for gas exhaustion and all feature the excellent barrier properties of EVOH liner materials.

Regulatory Compliance

This required testing of each different layer of materials that our design required, different fabric weights, different liner microns and materials.

It also required a detailed analysis of the specific chemical make up of each layer of material with all raw material ingredients identified, in what proportion, what brand and statements from each raw material supplier regarding both the actual ingredients and a huge list of prohibited ingredients.

This also required some very specific testing to be completed regarding the migration level of some specific chemicals in each of the layers of material and also included light transmission testing.

All test reports are available on request.

BHA Design Benefits

  • BHA FIBC fills in a squarer shape than the common currently utilized FIBCs.
  • Features a higher barrier liner of EVOH vs Nylon.
  • Fill weight is potentially higher.
  • Doesn’t slump after filling which can occur with commonly used FIBC.


High Barrier Liners: Available in Baffle & Standard Configuration

  • Dairy Milk Powder manufacturers
  • Cheese manufacturers
  • Goat milk powder manufacturers
  • Stock feed manufacturers
  • Coffee manufacturers
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Co packers re protein powders
  • Food manufacturers who may be receiving powders in bag in box

Low Barrier Liners: Available in Baffle & Standard Configuration

  • Frozen vegetables
  • High value seeds
  • Ingredient blenders
  • Food ingredient manufacturers

Liner Barrier Properties

BHA’s EVOH liner was tested at Gunn Lab Australia a testing facility well known to the Australian Dairy Industry.

It is a 5 layer liner and achieved the following Oxygen and Water Vapor Barrier test results.

The Oxygen transmission target is 10 or less BHA’s liner achieved 2.1

The Water Vapor transmission target is 6.5 or less BHAs liner achieved 2.6 and 2.3

BHA’s designs liner material transmission properties and sell prices have now allowed for a cost effective range all featuring EVOH liner materials.

For more information on Dairy Milk Powder Bags, contact BHA.