BHA is the nation’s premier supplier of bulk bags & FIBCs, with a comprehensive range of sizes and features.

With over 30 years’ experience as a supplier and manufacturer of bulk bags, BHA has developed a standard product line that offers a wide range of variations in lifting features, heights, base sizes and load capacities.

Since 1985 Bulk Handling Australia (BHA) has evolved from supplying standard bulk bags to offering customers a full range of customised packaging solutions across a range of industrial packaging product categories. In 2002 BHA acquired Visy Industrial Textile.

BHA has grown to establish to a network of warehouse and distribution facilities in each state throughout Australia across New Zealand’s North and South islands. This network of facilities offers customers easy local access to a nationally-available solution for industrial packaging requirements. BHA has sales representatives in each state of Australia and New Zealand offering over 150 years combined industrial packaging experience.

Our standard range comprises UV stabilised woven polypropylene bags that can be made water resistant utilising either disposable liners or laminated interiors.

Specialist Applications

Our technical team can work directly with you to design bulk packaging products that meet your specific and unique requirements. BHA’s technical manager has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing products to solve customers bulk handling and transportation problems.

BHA can supply polypropylene bags suitable for food grade applications and can design to meet dangerous goods ratings.

Space & Cost-Saving

BHA cubes/baffle bags offer industry unique FIBCs that are either square or rectangular shape after filling. With unique internal circular and corner channel construction, a high tensile force maximises the strength and stability of this form of bulk packaging.

These design features provide a cube with corners and straight sides and up to 30 per cent higher payload factor. These features provide customers with safer handling and direct savings in costs for packaging, handling, storage and transport.

Understanding industry requirements for variations, BHA provides a range of standard base sizes and heights. Heights can also be customised to customers’ product storage, bulk handling and transportation requirements.

The major uses of these space-saving bags include an enormous range of dry powdered or granular products.

Bulk Handling Applications

BHA’s polypropylene bags are suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Mining industry supplies
  • Dangerous goods
  • Mineral sands
  • Chemicals
  • Daily produce
  • Building and landscaping supplies
  • Agricultural fertilizers and seeds
  • Resins and polymers
  • Range of food products

For more information on standard or specialist bulk packaging options, contact BHA.